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Full House Renovation

Full House Renovation

Full House Renovation

At JATP Construction, we are proud to present one of our most recent projects, where we turn a house into a true custom home. Here’s a look at the incredible transformation:

Fresh Paint and Modern Finishes: We started with a fresh, modern color palette that reflected our clients’ vision. The new paint not only revitalized the walls, but also created a perfect foundation for the rest of the transformation.

Elegant Floors and Ceramics: The choice of flooring and ceramics was crucial to achieving a cohesive aesthetic. We opted for high-quality materials that not only added durability but also a contemporary touch to each space.

Renovated Kitchen: The kitchen became the heart of the home. Custom cabinetry, modern appliances, and a functional layout created a space that combines style and practicality.

Modern and Luxurious Bathrooms: Each bathroom received special attention with new fixtures, modern tiles and details that added a touch of luxury. Carefully selected lighting completed the transformation to create relaxing and sophisticated spaces.

Walls and Ceilings Reinvented: We do not overlook any detail. Walls and ceilings were reviewed and renovated to ensure aesthetic coherence throughout the home. Moldings, architectural details and strategic lighting added to the overall charm.

Satisfied Client, Successful Project: The most rewarding thing was seeing the joy on our clients’ faces as they saw their vision come to fruition. Customer satisfaction is our greatest reward, and we are proud to have turned your dreams into a tangible reality.

At JATP Construction, We Transform Dreams into Homes. This project was not only a remodel, but a collaboration to create a space that reflects the personality and lifestyle of our clients. In every detail, from paint to accessories, we strive to exceed expectations and make unique visions a reality.